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Hot Offer Makeover

Secrets to HOT High-End Offers You Can Sell Without Sales Calls 

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If you’re ready to scale your transformational business 

(coaching, healing, energy work, etc)…  


….but you’ve been holding back because even just the THOUGHT of doing all those webinars, launches, SALES CALLS, events, ad campaigns, “funnel hacking”, etc… freakin’ EXHAUSTS you… 

Then Know THIS… 


The SINGLE biggest needle-mover to scaling to multi-six-figures and 7-figures, 

WITHOUT burning out… is to NAIL your offers and your messaging. 

Our clients have gone from:  


... $80k to $400k... $200k to $400k... $100k to $500k... $300k to $750k… and  $300k to $1 million+…

… all WITHOUT getting on sales calls….  


After getting their offers and messaging dialed in. 

Highly aligned, HOT High-End Offers are the KEY to selling out without “selling.” 

(Or having “marketing” as a second job!) 


Are you ready for a Hot High End Offer… that practically sells itself? 

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In this mini-workshop, you’ll…


Discover exactly what makes a high-end offer so HOT, you can sell it without webinars, live events, launches or even getting on the phone.  (4 principles, 20 min) 


Make over one of your existing high-end offers into a HOT Offer that gets “hands raised” from ideal clients wanting to work with you, every time you post (we’ll walk you through the makeover) 


Discover the ultimate ninja move to make your offer HOOOOOTTTT (this takes your offer from “crickets” to “sold out”) 


Get some hands raised for your Hot Offer in 24 hours or less (we’ll give you the script)  

PLUS, we’ll show you how you can use Hot

Offers to sign up $20k+ clients over Messenger,

in 10 minutes or less. 

Here’s a taste of what’s possible with a Hot Offer… 

(a.k.a. actual client results) 

“I let go of 40 sales calls per month….


Hot Offer magic helped me let go of 40 sales calls per month – an entire week of time per month that that I was spending on sales calls.  It absolutely blew my mind.  We are rinse and repeating the same system now."

- Louisa Havers

“Hot Offers helped us double our rates.


And now, potential clients show up on calls (we still do them!) ready to buy."

- Tamika Auwai

“I said YES to the Hot Offer I really wanted to do…


It’s all about the offer.  I let go of ‘Plan B’ to do my Highest Level work.  And now 30-50% of clients ask ‘What’s next?’ – before our program completes."

- Lisa Bogle

“Overfilled my program with Highest Level Clients…


Hot Offers showed me that my ideal clients, my Highest Level Clients, are already in my community.  I over-filled my program after rebooting my business, without a complicated launch or sales calls."

- Lena Skuld Valmore

About Elizabeth: 


ELIZABETH PURVIS is a master offers + messaging strategist, business coach and metaphysical teacher to thousands of women worldwide.  She is the creator of Feminine Magic® series of metaphysical teachings and is the Founder/CEO of 7-Figure Goddess®, the premiere business mentoring company for “magicians” – coaches, healers, energy workers and spiritual teachers wanting to bring their Highest Level Work to the world by way of a high income, high profit business. 

About 7-Figure Goddess® 


7-Figure Goddess® is the go-to business mentoring group for transformational leaders who are ready to SCALE… without all the “marketing hustle.”  Our proprietary scaling methodology, the Sustainable Scaling Method™, empowers coaches, healers, energy workers and spiritual teachers to create consistent high PROFIT months – without webinars, launches, events or sales calls.   Through highly efficient Hot Offers and effective messaging, we give our clients a clear path to scale to multi-six and 7-figures in two years or less, while cutting marketing and sales time in half.